Waste disposal

As a retail company, METRO GROUP depends not only on the long-term availability of food but also on that of resources such as wood, metal, crude oil and water. This is because these raw materials are used both to produce and to package the products that we sell in our stores. We see it as part of our responsibility to carefully consider – right at the beginning of the value chain – where the raw materials for products and packaging come from. Similarly, at the end of a product’s useful life, we ask ourselves whether and how its raw materials can be reused or disposed of with the minimum environmental impact.

Key performance indicators with regards to the topic of waste disposal
Packaging of Horeca Select fish fillet
Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16

Corporate Responsibility Report

In our Corporate Responsibility Report, we inform you about METRO GROUP's waste disposal approach.

Waste disposal paragraph

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Our commitments

METRO GROUP is committed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging during the whole product life cycle.

Environmental-friendly packaging is a commitment

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