Transport, warehousing, stores

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As a retail company, our aim is to provide products and services for our customers in our stores and outlets – at the right time and in the volume and quality they require. The resources needed to transport, store and refrigerate products properly and to operate our stores and back offices include energy – electricity, gas, oil and district heating – as well as refrigerants, fuel and water. This use of resources generates operating costs and has a negative impact on the environment. By taking a responsible approach to resources, we can directly influence the cost of our business activities and make an immediate contribution to protecting the climate and the environment. With this in mind, we are constantly working to improve our use of resources, our behaviour and our internal processes to make them more efficient.

Key performance indicators related to transport, warehousing and stores

Our carbon footprint

METRO GROUP has made the decision to cut its specific greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the year 2030, based on emission levels from 2011.

METRO GROUP’s carbon footprint

Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16

Corporate Responsibility Report

In our Corporate Responsibility Report, we inform you of the projects and measures we are taking to save energy and resources.

Transport, warehousing, stores paragraph

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Our commitments

With its environment guidelines, METRO GROUP pledges itself to treat the environment and natural resources in a responsible manner.

Resource-friendly commerce is a commitment

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