Commitments and Positions

We have made various self-imposed commitments designed to cement sustainability in our day-to-day company practices. These commitments offer all employees and the management reliable guidelines for their day-to-day work.


Business principles

The business principles of METRO GROUP form the foundation for a mutual understanding of how METRO GROUP does business and of the way employees interact on a daily basis. Not only does this strengthen customer service; it also enables the company to operate in a sustainable manner. Employees agree to adhere to these business principles, which serve to protect METRO GROUP against economic damage and loss of public image.

METRO GROUP business principles, PDF 0.07 MB

Tax strategy

METRO GROUP acknowledges the tax frameworks of every country. As a consequence, we adhere to all legal requirements and procedures in the respective countries. By doing so, METRO GROUP is not interested in artificial tax structuring, follows the value chain with its taxation approach and does not apply any specific design for transfer pricing which is not in line with the value chain. METRO appreciates the OECD-Initiative on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (OECD BEPS Initiative). We will follow the aligned BEPS rules in all participating countries once they have enacted the respective provisions

METRO GROUP Code of Conduct for business partner

The METRO GROUP Code of Conduct for business partner sets forth the fundamental key principles in the areas of environment, social and business ethics, that we expect our business partners to comply with in our daily collaboration.

Code of contact for business partner, PDF 0.08 MB

Principles of the UN Global Compact 

The UN Global Compact's ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption provide a universal framework for innovative and sustainable business management. By embracing these principles, METRO GROUP commits itself to integrating them into its daily work, its strategy and its company culture.

UN Global Compact, PDF 0.39 MB
UN Global Compact - Communication on Progress

METRO GROUP communicates the progress made in the implementation of the ten principles in the
Corporate Responsibility Report. The current Communication on Progress can be found here.

Communication on Progress 2015/16



On a national and European level, the aim of politics is to ensure all workers and employees are treated equally and fairly. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, METRO GROUP encourages all employees to perform as well as they can in accordance with their abilities, and pledges itself to treat all employees and applicants completely equally.

Antidiscrimination, PDF 0.04 MB
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Principles on Fair Working Conditions and Social Partnership

By following the Principles on Fair Working Conditions and Social Partnership, METRO GROUP pledges itself to its existing obligation to adhere to the work standards of the International Labour Organization.

METRO GROUP Principles on Fair Working Conditions and Social Partnership, PDF 0.07 MB

Procurement, production, processing

BSCI Code of Conduct

By signing the BSCI Code of Conduct, we pledge ourselves, within the sphere of our influence, to acknowledge, implement and uphold the relevant social and environmental standards detailed in this code of conduct.

Further details on the Business Social Compliance Initiative

BSCI code of conduct, PDF 0.21 MB

Bangladesh Fire Protection Initiative

By signing the initiative, METRO GROUP pledges itself to support measures taken for fire protection and more building safety in the textile industry in Bangladesh.

More on the fire protection initiative

Procurement policy for sustainable sourcing

METRO GROUP has approved a procurement policy for the sustainable sourcing of its own brands. The aim of this comprehensive procurement policy is to source products in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable manner to make the most of opportunities and to prevent potential negative impact right along the supply chain. The procurement policy serves as a framework for METRO GROUP sales divisions.

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METRO GROUP cage free egg commitment

METRO GROUP Whole Sale & Food Specialist Company aims to ensure that all Own Brand shell eggs and liquid egg products are sourced 100% cage free by the end of 2022 and wants to further improve farming conditions for laying hens by promoting alternative and more sustainable farming systems, like floor and free-range systems. Commitment on cage free eggs, PDF 0.07 MB

METRO GROUP procurement policy for sustainable fish purchasing

To maintain fish stocks long-term, METRO GROUP has developed a company-wide procurement policy for fish. The framework for procuring fish within the Group is established via eight core elements, with sales divisions and country organisations being responsible for the operative implementation of the policy and for drawing up their own specific fish procurement guidelines.

Procurement policy for sustainable fish purchasing, PDF 0.05 MB

METRO GROUP purchasing policy for palm oil

To ensure that palm oil can be sustainably sourced, METRO GROUP has developed a procurement policy for palm oil. The aim is to shift by the year 2020 to the exclusive use of RSPO*-certified sustainable palm oil in the company’s own brands.

Purchasing policy for palm oil, PDF 0.03 MB

METRO GROUP health and nutrition policy

The METRO GROUP health and nutrition policy applies to the food-driven sales lines and provides a framework for measures with emphasis on food.

Health and nutrition policy, PDF 0.24 MB

European Supply Chain Initiative

METRO GROUP signed a commitment to be part of the EU Supply Chain Initiative. The purpose of the Initiative and its principles is to promote fair business practices as a basis for commercial dealings in the European food supply chain.

Principles of Good Practice, PDF 0.09 MB
Logo The Supply Chain Initiative

Transport, warehousing, stores

METRO GROUP environment guidelines

With its environment guidelines, METRO GROUP pledges itself to treat the environment and natural resources in a responsible manner.

Environment guidelines, PDF 0.25 MB

METRO GROUP Climate Protection Target

In December 2015 METRO GROUP has made the decision to cut its specific greenhouse gas emissions per square metre of selling space by 50% by the year 2030. The basis for this calculation is our level of emissions as measured in 2011.

Solar Panels on the Roof


Genetically modified organisms

In the last years, the topic of genetically modified organisms (GMO) has become increasingly important as the food assortment impacted by GMO has been enlarged tremendously. On a world scale, consumers as well as experts assess the use of modern biotechnology in food items in completely different ways. METRO GROUP knows these differences and respects the particular perspectives of the different countries and their consumers.

Position on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), PDF 0.12 MB

Waste disposal

METRO GROUP packaging policy

As part of its sustainability approach, METRO GROUP is committed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging during the whole product life cycle, whilst maintaining the highest quality and hygiene standards expected by our customers. This packaging policy applies to all own-brand product packaging delivered to METRO GROUP.From September 2014 until 2018 we will review the packaging of 10,000 of our own-brand products with regards to their effects on the environment and will improve them if applicable.

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Social engagement

Sponsoring and donations

METRO GROUP seeks to promote an intact and attractive business environment through sponsoring and donations. Sponsoring and donations guidelines regulate the manner in which sponsoring and donations are implemented to create a positive public image and prevent the abuse of sponsoring and donations.

METRO Marathon Winner 2013 Djere Tulu

Refugees in Europe

The situation with regard to increasing numbers of refugees from countries at war or at political or religious persecution has become more and more challenging with yet unforeseeable impacts. Most of the European societies and especially Germany witness a growing public debate on how to deal with the increasing numbers. It calls on all parties of society: citizens, the government and companies. Being an international retailing company headquartered in Germany, METRO GROUP feels obliged to state a position and take over responsibility here as well. 


Position on refugees in Europe, PDF 0.01 MB

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