Our attitude

A company can be operated according to responsible business practices only if it addresses the social demands being placed on it and observes the limits laid down by the environment. We deeply believe in this principle of sustainability.

Our vision of sustainability


To provide our understanding of sustainability with a sound basis, representatives from the sales lines, the service companies and METRO AG have jointly developed a Group-wide sustainability vision. It offers answers to the question as to what we, as a company, hope to achieve in terms of sustainability. At the same time, the vision provides our employees with a framework and starting point for their own efforts and thoughts regarding the subject. In our communications with the Group’s various stakeholders and in its public relations work, the vision helps to define our sustainability profile and clarify the METRO GROUP stance.

Economic Key performance indicators as well as the evaluation in relevant sustainability indices and rankings

Our vision statement is:

We offer quality of life …

… because we are acting more sustainably, …

… for our customers, … … we are working on a responsible range of products and assortment design.
… for our employees, … … we systematically make sustainability a part of our work.
… for all who work for us, … … we support humane working conditions.
… for society, … … we are working on solutions to global challenges with a steadfast
commitment to the issue and a trusting relationship with our stakeholders.

Our sustainability management

Sustainability management serves to help embed sustainability in the core business and ensure that whenever economic and environmental or social considerations affect one another, overlaps are dealt with in an efficient, solution-oriented way. It also assists in shaping sustainability-related guidelines such as legal requirements or standards that apply to the company.

As there are many different units and company formats within METRO GROUP, clear structures have been put in place to ensure that strategic and operational elements interlock optimally. Our objective is to preserve the sales lines’ operational independence so that we can meet the requirements of local markets and customers. At the same time, it is important to tap synergies with a view to achieving the group’s shared strategic goals. The structure and processes of the METRO GROUP sustainability management enable us to deliver on this.

You can find more detailed information on sustainability management in METRO GROUP in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Manager and Customer in the Fish Department

Our main spheres of action

The requirements of various stakeholder groups reflect the global social challenges that are particularly relevant for METRO GROUP as a retail company: safeguarding food supplies, conserving resources, demographic change and sustainable consumption. We can contribute most effectively to overcoming these challenges by incorporating relevant actions into our core business. This is because it is here that we can exert the greatest influence on issues, structures and processes. In our core business, we identify spheres of action that are relevant from an economic perspective and are also significant for the environment and society as a whole. 

Accordingly, the following are of central importance for METRO GROUP:

  • Dealing with employees and shaping their working conditions
  • Working with suppliers and helping them to comply with quality, social and environmental standards
  • Procuring resources, using them efficiently and avoiding waste
  • Providing customers with high-quality products with the soundest possible social and environmental credentials and offering sustainable alternatives
  • Social commitment with regard to our core business and in areas where help is urgently needed

Our main spheres of action in the Corporate Responsibility Report.

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