Our employees are essential stakeholders contributing to our company's success. In order to deliver strong results, we need motivated and engaged employees. Being aware of this, our HR Mission is to develop, support and guide our employees by conducting our business in a responsible manner. By promoting diversity, fostering individuality and thus innovation but also strengthen our employee's personal development and expertise we motivate our employees to successfully adapt and promote our company's corporate strategy, which also contributes to METRO being an attractive employer for existing and potential employees.

Key performance indicators regarding employees
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METRO Principles on Fair Working Conditions and Social Partnership

The METRO principles on Fair Working Conditions which are derived from the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) partly also forming the basis for the UN Guiding Principles (UNGP) on Business and Human Rights, were defined as our company's principles in 2004.

In 2010 METRO started the UN Global Compact Membership and hereby further committed to the importance of labour standards and human rights within our Company and underlined our commitment to being a responsible, multinational operating company. Since then we defined policies, rules and processes to integrate the "Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact" into our company's value system.


METRO Fair Working Conditions and Social Partnership Principles


  • Freedom of Association:
    Right to join/not join a union, collective bargaining
  • Remuneration:
    Minimum wage, regular and timely payment
  • Working Hours:
    Periods of rest, balance private and work life, overtime
  • Health & Safety:
    Health and Safe work environment
Principles on Fair Working Conditions, PDF 0.07 MB

Abolish and Eliminate

  • Forced Labour:
    Working against free will
  • Child Labour:
    Working below legal age
  • Discrimination:
    By Gender, race, religion, age, disability, etc.

Internal Review on our Principles on Fair Working Conditions and Social Partnership

In order to ensure that all METRO companies consistently implement and follow our defined Principles on Fair Working Conditions & Social Partnership (FWC & SP), a due diligence monitoring process was set up, focusing on any kind of direct or indirect adverse human rights impacts.

Until 2020,our goal is to have consistently reviewed all METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry Country Organizations on their implementation and adherence to the METRO FWC & SP Principles, in order to evaluate the status quo, thus the existence and effectiveness of policies, procedures and internal control measures.

The reviews serve as a management tool, creating awareness, identifying gaps and helping the MCC countries defining necessary management systems in order to ensure the consistent implementation of our METRO FWC & SP Principles. The progress on identified gaps will be consistently monitored and followed up on a regular basis.

In 2014 the due diligence review process was started with 3 pilot countries:

  • METRO Cash & Carry Turkey (mid-2014)
  • MAKRO Cash & Carry Poland (end-2014) and
  • METRO Cash & Carry Austria (beginning-2015).

The conclusion of the conducted reviews was sufficient and no adverse human impacts were detected. However the reviews also indicated necessary improvements on the implementation and adherence to the METRO FWC & SP Principles for service providers operating on our company premises. All findings were improved and corrective measures were implemented by the management of the respective country organisations. In 2016 / 2017 further reviews will take place in Ukraine, Pakistan, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Japan, Italy and Serbia.

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Promoting fair working conditions with UNI Global Union

In 2014, METRO GROUP and the international trade union UNI Global Union reaffirmed their efforts on fair working conditions, supporting our business to grow sustainably. The joint statement refers to METRO’s commitments to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work , including the recognised right to collective bargaining and the freedom of association of employees.

Statement METRO GROUP and Uni Global Union 2013, PDF 0.81 MB

More about the joint statement with UNI Global Union in the Inside METRO News:

Statement METRO GROUP and UNI Global Union reaffirm their cooperation on promoting fair working conditions

Healthy employees in a healthy and safe work environment

METRO is committed to fair working conditions and a safe work environment to ensure that its employees remain healthy, productive and motivated over the long term. A beneficial work environment can have a positive influence on people's well-being, as well as on motivation and engagement which can contribute to the company’s success. Therefore we define clear and effective Policies and Procedures. We strive for an occupational health and safety (OHS) Management that ensures a healthy and safe work environment for employees and contractors and thus has a postive effect in reducing work accidents and occupational diseases.

In order to constantly optimise the working conditions in the areas safety and health, we implemented different measures and guidelines. In close cooperation with the OHS Officers of each the country, internal guidelines, local requirements or individual measures are implemented. Regular status reports are accompanied by a check for transferability of Overarching topics

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Career – What we offer

METRO GROUP cultivates conditions that enable its employees to find the ideal combination of free time, family life and work.

What METRO GROUP offers as an employer

Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16

Corporate Responsibility Report

In our Corporate Responsibility Report 2013/14, we tell you how we take on responsibility for our employees.

Responsibility for our employees paragraph

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Our commitments

These self-imposed commitments offer all employees and the management reliable guidelines for their day-to-day work. These pledges range from anti-discrimination guidelines to guidelines on fair working conditions.

Social working conditions are a commitment

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