METRO GROUP introduces transparent supply chain for fish and meat

METRO GROUP is stepping up its efforts for a sustainable handling of sensitive product categories: When purchasing fish, customers of the wholesale subsidiary METRO Cash & Carry can now use a smart phone app to find out in which waters and with which method the fish was caught. Also for a number of meat products it will in future be possible to retrieve detailed information about the origin, processing, quality and sustainability of the merchandise. What makes this innovative solution so special is that - from the producer to the retailer - all parties involved enter their product data in their own data bases which are then consolidated online. Via a search engine and by way of a unique product identification it is then possible to obtain detailed information about individual products.

The new solution is based on internationally applicable, independent standards and is thus suited for adding further product categories or additional data bases. This way, the new technology for the first time allows establishing a system that is open to all market participants along the supply chain worldwide.

Traceability paragraph in the Corporate Responsibility Report 

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Traceability at METRO Cash & Carry

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Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16

Corporate Responsibility Report

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