In the METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER, we concern ourselves each quarter with political and social issues which affect our company or the industry as a whole. The intention behind the METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER is not only to keep people informed but also to serve as a basis for dialogue with our political and social contacts in Germany and the EU. The METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER is published quarterly in print, in German and English.

Many texts as well as additional videos, pictures and informative graphics are available for download at the digital representative office. 

Trade Letter Issue 01 / February 2017

A disintegrating Single Market

The focal point of this Trade Letter is dealing with a major issue especially for an international trading company like METRO: “How free is trade in Europe?” The increasing amount of infringement proceedings of the EU Commission caused by protectionist legislation in the member states is an indication for a disintegrating Single Market. Why a functioning EU Single Market is essential for EU citizens as well as businesses is explained in this Trade Letter.

Insights: A fear of commitment?

Why collective wage agreements in the retail sector are in a bad way and which solutions could be adopted is examined in the section "Insights".

The zero-emissions store of Sankt Pölten

METRO Cash & Carry is currently building an emission-free building in the Austrian city of Sankt Pölten. What’s special about the emission-free store is told in the section "METRO International".

Double interview about the future of agricultural and food policies

In this Trade Letter's interview section Jochen Fritz, head of the campaign "My agriculture", and Marcus Holtkötter, farmer in the 10th generation, are talking about their opposite views of sustainable agricultural and food policies. Fritz and Holtkötter are both co-organizer of the demonstrations “We’re fed up!” and “We feed you!” that take place each year during the International Green Week

The Retail Dictionary: Accelerator

What's behind the term "Accelerator" and how is METRO engaging on the behalf of start-ups? The Retail Dictionary explains.

Eating good food with … Wolfgang Bosbach

After 20 years of serving as a Member of Parliament Wolfgang Bosbach will stand down in 2017. As he gears up to leave, we spoke to him about eating good food.

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The top ten: food retailers in Germany


The top ten: food retailers in Germany
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European Commission infringement proceedings

European Commission infringement proceedings
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Infringements against the single market

Infringements against the single market
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Petros Fassoulas

Petros Fassoulas
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