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Turkey is one of our strongest growing markets and is the focus of our international expansion. Since entering the Turkish market in 1990, we have opened 28 METRO Cash & Carry stores and 39 Media Markt stores. Our Turkish subsidiaries as a result offer employment to around 7,000 people.

It is of elementary importance for our business that the general public has a wide understanding of the way the wholesale and retail industry functions, and the challenges it faces. In light of this, we actively seek dialogue with the worlds of politics, local authorities and the community.

Measuring the Temperature of Fish

To promote such dialogue, METRO GROUP opened an office in Istanbul in the year 2000 to represent its interests. The representative office fosters relationships with Turkish executive and legislative bodies, with the aim of sharing our expertise as traders, and of ensuring that METRO GROUP stances on political and regulatory challenges – from foodstuff regulations, to food safety, to supporting local food industries – are included in talks.

We want to find solutions for the trade industry which take the interests of all stakeholders into account. To this end, we are also in close communication with non-governmental organisations and associations. Because only by understanding the interests of Turkish society and the concerns of our business partners – from suppliers to customers in the catering industry and retail industry – can we contribute to creating a sustainable business environment.

Global aims and local conditions

Above all, METRO GROUP is successful when it acts in conjunction with other commercial enterprises. In light of this, the representative office in Istanbul is involved in Food Retailers Association (GPD) which represents organized food retailers and food service chains at national and regional level. The head of the METRO GROUP Representative Office, Kaan Ünver is a Board Member of GPD. The Office is also member of TUSİAD which is an independent civil society organization established by Turkish industrialists and businessmen in order to represent the interests of the business world. Furthermore, in the Association of International Investors (YASED), he serves as the Chairman of the Retail Committee and is also a Board Member of Food Safety Association. The other memberships include DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board),  AHK (German Turkish Chamber of Commerce), TUGİDER (All Food Importers Association ), TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) and TÜGİAD (Young Businessmen Association of Turkey).  From this standpoint, we work towards dialogue with other industries. 

METRO GROUP is a global company, yet at the same time, we think and act locally. The representative office actively supports Geographical Indicators Project and Animal Welfare Project of MCC Turkey by organizing dialogue between Turkish officials and the company. We inform people about local political and regulatory developments, and cooperate with the relevant departments in Düsseldorf to develop company stances which take both sides into account – the global aims of METRO GROUP and local conditions in Turkey.

If you have any questions or requests for information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Representative office Istanbul

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