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As large as the country, as diverse are the development opportunities for METRO GROUP. The Russian market is a strategic focus of METRO GROUP which has been active in this country with two of its sales lines – METRO Cash & Carry and MediaMarktSaturn – since 2001, the year when the first two METRO Cash & Carry wholesale stores opened in Moscow. Today, the Group operates stores from Kaliningrad to the Siberian town of Irkutsk.

Dialogue with government and stakeholders across society about the needs of the retail sector, ranging from infrastructure challenges to the introduction of international quality standards has been an important element in the development of our Russian business operations ever since we entered this market. In 2005, we opened the METRO GROUP Representative Office in Moscow to further cultivate relationships with the government, parliament, administration and civil society organisations and to expand our activities in trade associations and chambers of commerce.

Stakeholder dialogue issues

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Issues relating to the regularization of the retail sector are vital for the business environment of the Russian METRO GROUP subsidiaries: through an active dialogue with the Duma committees and Russian government institutions, the Representative Office is able to promote sustainable solutions in the interest of the wider common good. Similarly, the Office is also very active in endorsing the implementation of the highest quality standards in Russia.

In addition, measures affecting the conditions for investments and expansion in Russia are extremely important for our business. Here, we seek to share our ideas with the government, parliament and administrative bodies. As well as the dialogue partners in Moscow, the regions in which we operate also play an important role in this context.

A key focus of METRO GROUP in Russia is to promote small and medium-sized companies. They are at the core of our business model – and in the framework of efforts towards a diversification of the Russian economy they are also important to the government in Moscow. Against this backdrop, a close cooperation has developed in this field.

METRO GROUP works to ensure corporate responsibility along the supply chain. This also holds true in Russia: from fair working conditions through to the reduction of our carbon footprint, we seek dialogue with organisations across society to align our corporate social responsibility practice with local needs.

Work in trade associations

We can most successfully voice our concerns when acting in collaboration with other retailers. This is why the Representative Office is actively involved in a large number of international, European and Russian associations ranging from the Russian Association of Retail Companies ACORT through to the National Association of E-Commerce Companies AKIT. In the Association of European Businesses (AEB), the head of the METRO GROUP Representative Office, Alexej Grigoriev, serves as the Chairman of the Retail Committee.

The Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) is of particular importance for us: it offers international investors in Russia a concentrated platform for entering into a dialogue with the government about important challenges – making it a vital panel for promoting a positive business climate for METRO GROUP in Russia.

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Representative office Moscow

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