Representative office in Central and Eastern Europe

The expansion of METRO GROUP into Central and Eastern Europe began with the opening of the first MAKRO Cash & Carry store in Warsaw in 1994. Today, we have nearly 230 METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry stores and Media Markt stores in eight Central and Eastern European countries. Nearly 10% of our global turnover is generated in this region.

Central and Eastern Europe are therefore of key importance for METRO GROUP – and this is also reflected in the company’s presence in the politics and communities of the region: METRO GROUP opened a representative office in Warsaw in the year 2000.

The office supports the sales divisions of METRO GROUP in Poland through dialogue with the government, parliament and society. Since Poland’s admission to the EU in 2004, the office has ensured that the implementation of legislation in Poland is compatible with EU law and reflects the interests of the trade industry.

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Local dialogue with stakeholders

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Since 2013, the representative office has also coordinated the lobbying work of METRO GROUP throughout the region and supports our sites through active dialogue with stakeholders of national trade industries – because only by gaining an understanding of local interests can we take a responsible stance on our local concerns.

On the one hand, the challenges in Central and Eastern European countries reflect the decisions made by the European Union. On the other, regional trends – first and foremost the increasing trend of protectionism – lead to specific political and regulatory issues.

Between Brussels and headquarters 

Against this background, the office in Warsaw acts as an essential link between EU institutions, our sites in Central and Eastern European countries and the relevant departments in headquarters. Together, the company develops stances which employees introduce locally into their dialogue with national political and community leaders.

Work in associations

Work in trade associations – both on a national level as well as an EU level – play a fundamental role here. On a local level, national trade associations provide an important base for the effective communication of mutual stances on challenges facing the industry. Via the European umbrella association EuroCommerce , their voice can also be heard in Brussels. This cooperation is important for the continued successful development of the European single market.

In the task of positioning regional challenges on an EU level, Renata Juszkiewicz, head of our representative office, plays a central role. As president of the Polish Organisation for Trade and Distribution and chairwoman of the CEE Commerce Council, she is the mouthpiece of the region in Brussels, where she is vice-president of the EuroCommerce umbrella organisation and also heads the CEE Internal Market Working Group.

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Representative office Warsaw

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