International representation of interests

From Lisbon to Tokyo: METRO GROUP is active in a total of 31 countries. We are a global player – but can only enjoy success by thinking and acting on a local level. 

We actively follow political and social developments in our international locations, and foster local interchange with governmental, parliamentary and community stakeholders and associations. New tax laws in Spain? Introduction of international quality norms in Moldova? In dialogue with local players, we share our expertise in trade and retail, and ensure our concerns are included in political debates.

In this complex process of multi-national lobbying work, our Public Policy division in Düsseldorf builds bridges between our global subsidiaries and headquarters: we coordinate interchange between the relevant divisions in headquarters and those international colleagues who act locally as ambassadors for METRO GROUP. Together, we work to develop a company stance on important challenges – one which does justice to the aims and targets of the company, yet is flexible enough to take special local conditions into account.

From Düsseldorf, we also support local lobbying work via Brussels and Berlin, using international trade associations as well as bilateral and regional political dialogue formats to draw attention to issues concerning our subsidiaries. In this manner, we promote cooperation with local decision-makers in central issues concerning METRO GROUP. 

Representative offices

In order to create a stable business environment and fulfil the duties of a responsible company, it is of fundamental importance for METRO GROUP to keep a watch on public opinion and parliamentary bills which could affect the industry. The same applies to interchange with decision-makers and community players.

This applies doubly to countries and regions which are of particular strategic significance to METRO GROUP. For this reason, representative offices have been established in Russia, Poland and Turkey to pinpoint relevant issues at an early stage, to take a strategic stance on regulatory and political matters and to actively ensure that the concerns of METRO GROUP are included in the political process.

Landscape of Turkey

METRO GROUP representative office in Turkey

Since 1990, Turkey has been one of the strongest growing markets for METRO GROUP. Today, we are at home here with our METRO Cash & Carry, Media Markt and Real sales divisions. Our representative office in Istanbul campaigns in the government, in parliament, with the authorities and in the civil society for understanding for the concerns of the wholesale and retail industry. In this manner, it helps to create a business environment in which METRO GROUP can develop long term in the Bosphorus. 

Representative office Istanbul

Warsaw Panorama

METRO GROUP representative office in Central and Eastern Europe

The expansion of METRO GROUP into Central and Eastern Europe began with the opening of the first MAKRO Cash & Carry store in Warsaw in 1994. Today, almost 10% of our global turnover is generated here. The representative office in Warsaw coordinates dialogue with stakeholders in the METRO countries of the region, because it is only by understanding local interests that we are in a position to voice our own concerns locally in a responsible manner.    

Representative office Warsaw

Moscow Red Square

METRO GROUP representative office in Russia

Our opportunities in Russia are as varied as the country is big. From Kaliningrad to Irkutsk - we have been expanding on the Russian market since 2001. It is our representative office in Moscow which creates the wherewithal for the long-term development of our METRO Cash & Carry and MediaMarktSaturn sales divisions, through dialogue with political decision-makers, the authorities and the community, thus aligning company targets with local interests.

Representative office Moscow 

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