In public debates, political lobbying work often has a negative undertone. However, people often forget that the very essence of democracy is for individuals, groups and organisations to voice their views and opinions in negotiation processes – which is what lobbying work is all about.

Companies play a special role here since they participate in these manifold dialogue processes as advocates for their stakeholders. METRO GROUP is aware of its responsibility here and has aligned its work in this field to the maxims of responsible lobbying. These maxims include enabling people to gain insights into our work practice and promoting professional discussions on lobbying. Topical guest contributions and own articles around the topic of lobbying are available at the digital representative office.


People at a workshop

This was an additional motivating factor for METRO GROUP, in 2014, to  start supporting students from Quadriga University taking degree courses in MBA Communication & Leadership, MBA Public Affairs & Leadership, or an MA. Communication & Leadership.

To expand their scientific horizon, scholarship holders are given insights into the company’s practice of stakeholder communication.


In various seminars held by the Quadriga University and other institutions – such as the Institute of Political Science at Mainz University – we provide insights into our work, answer questions, discuss political lobbying work openly and support students by providing information for their final dissertations.

The aim is to work together constructively to develop a picture of what responsible political lobbying by companies such as the METRO GROUP should be today and in the future – locally, regionally, globally and even digitally.

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