Representation of interests in Germany

For METRO GROUP as an international company based in Düsseldorf, politics in the home market of Germany play a special role. For this reason, the Group has a representative office of its own in the capital city of Berlin, from which base it fosters dialogue with the government, parliament, associations, relevant lobby groups and non-governmental organisations.

Work is coordinated from the office in Charlottenstraße in the centre of Berlin. We cooperate with associations, regularly invite guests to our ‘Berlin Wednesday Socials’, and offer non-governmental organisations and other interested parties insights into the work of a major trade and retail company. We deal with enquiries from the political world and liaise with the various METRO GROUP divisions to develop stances on issues and observe the political landscape.

People at a Conference

In addition to the physical office in Berlin we also launched the digital representative office in March this year. On its website, the digital representative office bundles those topics that concern us and those instruments that we use to lobby for the interests of METRO GROUP on a daily basis. The aim of the web page is to create transparency about the topics and the people behind our representation of interests. Discover how the digital representative office works.

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Das Gute Essen App

Under @DasGuteessen, the Berlin office team tweets about politics, food, drink and consumer issues. Through it all, METRO GROUP aligns its dialogue with political and community stakeholders to the maxims of responsible lobbying.

In other words:

  • Our lobbying work is transparent and consistent. 
  • Our aims, and the means we use in order to achieve them, are clearly recognisable. 
  • We communicate the same message to all discussion partners.
  • Our aims are consistent with the company’s sustainability strategy.

We want to continue trading tomorrow – and do so in a responsible manner. The basis for this is dialogue, interchange with our stakeholders. We want to know what concerns them. We want to develop our interests in line with these matters. This is the core of modern lobbying work.

Michael Wedell, Group Director Public Policy, METRO AG

The quarterly TRADE LETTER provides information on trade issues.

In the METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER, we concern ourselves each quarter with issues which affect our company or the industry as a whole. The intention behind the METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER is not only to keep people informed but also to serve as a basis for dialogue with our political and community contacts in Berlin and Brussels. 

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Wednesday Club Speakers

The trade forum in Berlin: Wednesday Socials 

Together with the German Trade Federation (HDE) and the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA), METRO GROUP organises Wednesdays Socials in Berlin on a quarterly basis, modelled on the Berlin salon culture, to discuss trade issues. These issues are also discussed both prior to the event and also after it on an Internet platform as well as on Twitter. 

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People at a Training

In dialogue: Cooperation and communication with students 

Responsible lobbying is the basis on which the work of the Public Policy division is founded. For us, this also means discussing this work with others, allowing people to gain insights into its practice, and supporting the contextual development of responsible lobbying. 

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