Representation of interests in Europe

Europe’s heart beats in Brussels. Here, the European Parliament, Commission and Council work towards creating a safe and economically strong Europe. Many associations, non-governmental organisations and companies are also represented here in order to discuss important political issues. METRO GROUP is represented locally with an office in premises shared with other commercial enterprises and the German Retail Association (HDE).

From here, we foster dialogue with other European institutions and stakeholders in the civil society. Besides personal discussions, events such as our Brussels Wednesday Socials also play an important role.

The work of the METRO AG office in Brussels is closely coordinated with colleagues in the representative office in Berlin as well as the relevant departments in the company headquarters in Düsseldorf. The Brussels office acts as an interface for observing and analysing political developments within the EU. At the same time, the office reflects these developments in the company, liaising with the relevant departments and with professional associations to develop company stances for regulatory issues. 

As a company which generates almost 80% of its turnover within the EU, METRO GROUP regards the success of the ‘Europe Project’ and the issue of deeper integration within Europe as being of particular significance. For this reason, we are involved in expert networks on a European level, and regularly participate in European Commission consultations. We are hereby able to place at their disposal our expertise as retailers with sales divisions in 18 out of the 28 member states in the European Union and help to further develop regulations for the European single market.

Through it all, METRO GROUP aligns its dialogue with political and community stakeholders to the maxims of responsible lobbying.

In other words:

  • Our lobbying work is transparent and consistent. 
  • Our aims, and the means we use in order to achieve them, are clearly recognisable. 
  • We communicate the same message to all discussion partners.
  • Our aims are consistent with the company’s sustainability strategy.
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Brussels Wednesday Social Audience

Brussels Wednesday Socials as dialogue forum for commerce

In cooperation with the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE) and the European Movement International (EMI), METRO GROUP initiated the Brussels Wednesday Socials at the end of 2013. Twice a year, debates on commercial issues are held here with guest speakers from politics, commerce and society. Even prior to the event itself, the issue in question can be discussed on our METRO Digital Office Brussels and on Twitter (@METRO_EU).

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The quarterly TRADE LETTER provides information on trade issues.

In the METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER, we concern ourselves each quarter with issues which affect our company or the industry as a whole. The intention behind the METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER is not only to keep people informed but also to serve as a basis for dialogue with our political and community contacts in Berlin and Brussels. 

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