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Safe foods, fair competition and transparent regulations: retailing means initiating and engaging in political and social dialogue as a way of creating optimal solutions together. Learn more about our positions on current issues and our working relationships with decision-makers.

Active involvement in debates 

Quite legitimately, political and communal stakeholders expect companies to involve themselves in the debate by bringing in their expertise. Many are concerned about issues such as protecting and informing consumers, food safety, dealing respectfully with natural resources, and employer-employee relationships.

In line with METRO GROUP’s self-image as a company which acts in a responsible manner, it is a natural step for the Group to involve itself in such political and social debates and take a clear stand on various issues.

Ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders is firmly anchored in the company’s strategy as part of its vision statement.

Being available and contactable on a local basis

Within the company, this dialogue is coordinated by the Corporate Public Policy department in the headquarters in Düsseldorf, as well as by representative offices throughout Germany and abroad.

This enables us to be on the scene where political discussions are held and decisions are made which could affect the work and future of the company. We aim to communicate directly with our stakeholders, listening to their propositions and explaining our interests.

Our lobbying work via the company’s own representative offices is closely interwoven with the work of our professional associations.

Responsible lobbying work as a base

In its dialogue with political and social stakeholders, METRO GROUP acts in accordance with the precepts of responsible lobbying work.

In other words:

  • Our lobbying work is transparent and consistent. 
  • Our aims, and the means we use in order to achieve them, are clearly recognisable. 
  • We communicate the same message to all discussion partners.
  • Our aims are consistent with the company’s sustainability strategy.  

Our conformance with these Guiding Principles is underscored by the fact that METRO GROUP is registered in the EU transparency register. Hereby, the company publicly binds itself to adhere to the code of conduct linked to this register. Amongst other things, this code of conduct prescribes that lobbyists always state for whom they are working and the aims they are attempting to reach.

In line with the maxims of responsible lobbying work, METRO GROUP campaigns for the ratification of the UN convention against corruption which obliges contract parties to penalise various forms of corruption against officials.

METRO GROUP co-initiated and was the first to sign the mission statement for acting responsibly in commerce (German Version).

Moreover METRO GROUP provides a responsible contribution by cooperating with selected organisations on a local, regional, national and international level.

Where commerce acts in a responsible manner, it promotes people’s well-being and protects resources to an equal degree. It advocates this conviction both nationally and internationally. We do this in the clear knowledge that commerce begins and ends with mankind. For this reason, we would like to play our part to ensure that people make considerate decisions and bear future generations in mind.

Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Management Board, METRO AG 
Reichstag in Berlin external View

At the heart of politics with our representative office in Berlin

For METRO GROUP as an international company based in Düsseldorf, politics in the home market of Germany play a special role. For this reason, the Group has a representative office of its own in the capital city of Berlin, from which base it fosters dialogue with the government, parliament, associations, relevant lobbying groups and non-governmental organisations.

Representation of interests in Berlin 

European Union Flags

Europe’s heart beats in Brussels 

Here, the European Parliament, Commission and Council work towards creating a safe and economically strong Europe. Many associations, non-governmental organisations and companies are also represented here in order to discuss important political issues. METRO GROUP is represented locally with an office in premises shared with other commercial enterprises and the German Retail Association (HDE). 

Representation of interests Brussels 

Moscow Red Square

An international company: Locally available in important markets

For any company which is as international as METRO GROUP, politics play an important role, even outside of Brussels and Berlin. METRO GROUP is currently active in 31 countries. In some of these, we operate our own representative offices in order to be locally available for our partners: in Warsaw, Moscow and Istanbul. 

International representation of interests 


The quarterly TRADE LETTER provides information on trade issues.

In the METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER, we concern ourselves each quarter with issues which affect our company or the industry as a whole. The intention behind the METRO GROUP TRADE LETTER is not only to keep people informed but also to serve as a basis for dialogue with our political and community contacts in Berlin and Brussels. 

More on the TRADE LETTER 

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Your contacts: colleagues in the Public Policy division 

Dialogue is the focus of our work. This is the only way to hear propositions, share expertise, take a stance and work with others to find solutions. On this page you will find colleagues who work in Public Policy in Germany, the EU and internationally. 


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