Investment Case

The benefits

With METRO shares, investors acquire a stake in METRO GROUP, one of the largest and most international retail companies in the world with

  • METRO Cash & Carry – a leading international player in self-service wholesale trade,
  • MediaMarktSaturn – number one among consumer electronics stores in Europe,
  • Real – one of the leading hypermarket companies in Germany,
  • a presence in more than 29 countries with an exceptional market position in both growth countries and mature markets around the world,
  • a comprehensive internet presence combined with a multichannel strategy that offers customers added benefits,
  • a focus on profitable growth as well as sustainable, systematic value enhancement,
  • markedly improved net debt,
  • high internal financing capability,
  • a return on capital exceeding its sector average and
  • an attractive dividend.

The Strategy of METRO GROUP in detail

The principles of investor relations

At METRO GROUP, investor relations are based on the principles of modern capital market relationship management, especially with regard to information disclosure being:

  • Relevant – ensuring information leadership
  • Consistent – reporting external information regularly
  • Reliable – transmitting correct information content
  • Non-selective – equal and fair information dissemination to all market participants



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