Information about shares and dividends

When was METRO's initial public offering?

METRO AG went public on 25 July 1996.

What was the opening price of the METRO ordinary share?

The opening price was DM 136.00 per ordinary share. Taking share splits and the euro conversion into consideration, the opening price was €28.95.

Where are METRO shares traded?


The ordinary share of METRO AG is included in the Xetra electronic trading system and listed for official trading at the Frankfurt and Düsseldorf stock exchanges.

What are the ticker symbols of the METRO ordinary shares?

Reuters symbol: MEOG.DE

Bloomberg symbol: MEO GR

Which indices include METRO ordinary shares?


Overview about indices, which include Metro ordinary shares.

What dividends have been paid out in the last financial years and when?

FY Dividend per ordinary share Dividend per preference share Dividend yield per ordinary share Dividend yield per preference share Payout ratio Resolution of AGM  Payment date 
2014 0.90
1.130 1
 48.9% 20/02/2015
2013 0 0 0% 0% 0 12/02/2014 ./.
2012 1.00  1.06 4.8%  4.6%
08/05/2013 24/05/2013
2011 1.35 1.485 4.8% 6.1% 51.3% 23/05/2012 24/05/2012
2010  1.35 1.485 2.5% 4.1% 43.3% 06/05/2011 09/05/2011
2009 1.18 1.298 2.8% 3.7% 56.2% 05/05/2010 06/05/2010
2008 1.18 1.298 4.1% 4.5% 38.7% 13/05/2009 14/05/2009
2007 1.18 1.298  2.1% 2.9% 45.2% 16/05/2008 19/05/2008
2006 1.12 1.232 2.3% 2.6% 42.4% 23/05/2007 24/05/2007
2005 1.02 1.122 2.5% 2.1% 41.3% 18/05/2006 19/05/2006
2004 1.02 1.122 2.5% 2.2% 40.3% 18/05/2005 19/05/2005
2003 1.02 1.122 2.9% 2.3% 67.3% 04/06/2004 07/06/2004
2002  1.02 1.122 4.5% 3.3% 75.3% 22/05/2003 23/05/2003
2001 1.02 1.122 2.6% 2.5% 93.0% 23/05/2002 24/05/2002
2000 1.02 1.122 2.0% 4.6% >100% 20/06/2001 21/06/2011
1999 1.02 1.122 1.9% 3.7% >100% 04/07/2000 05/07/2000
1998 1.02 1.080 1.5% 2.6% 88.4% 06/07/1999 07/07/1999
1997 1.02 1.080 3.1% 4.3% 66.1% 07/07/1998 08/07/1998
1 The dividend proposal contains a preference dividend of €0.17 per preference share to cover the dividend that was not paid in the short financial year 2013 and that must be subsequently paid in accordance with the Articles of Association of METRO AG

How will the dividend be taxed?

As of 1 January 2009, dividend payments to domestic resident shareholders (i.e. investors with a permanent domicile or primary residence in Germany), who are natural persons and whose shares are privately owned, are taxed with a flat withholding tax rate of 25% plus solidarity surcharge and, where applicable, church tax. The flat tax charge is independent of the personal income tax rate and has a compensation effect (so-called flat rate withholding tax).

The company paying out dividends has to withhold the capital gains tax plus solidarity surcharge and pay these to the German tax authorities. The shareholder receives a tax certificate of the withheld amounts from his or her depository bank which pays out the dividend.

Please note that these explanations are merely of a general and basic nature and do not replace individual advice. Shareholders should principally consult a tax advisor for individual tax advice.

How and when did METRO AG share split?

Date: 23 July 1997

Split ratio: 5:7

Did METRO AG issue participation certificates?

METRO AG did not issue participation certificates.

What is the structure of METRO AG's share capital?



 Ordinary shares  Shares
   Proportional value of the share capital in €  828,572,941  (Yields 99.18%)
 Preference share  Shares
   Proportional value of the share capital in €  6,846,111  (Yields 0.82%)
 Total capital stock  Shares
   €  835,419,052  

What are the differences between the share categories?

The ordinary shares are the main shares of METRO AG. The preference shares of METRO AG exclude voting rights. But preference shareholders receive a higher dividend.

When and where will the Annual General Meeting in 2017 take place?

The next Annual General Meeting takes place on 6 February 2017 in Düsseldorf.

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Do I have customer advantages as a METRO AG shareholders?

METRO is not allowed to offer its shareholders specific advantages. To better serve its customers and foster customer loyalty, METRO AG has introduced the PAYBACK programme together with numerous other partner companies in the retail and service sector. This program is free of charge, consumer-friendly and not specific to any sector. Participants can get discounts in the form of points when they buy products and services from the partner companies.

Information about METRO GROUP

Where is the registered office of METRO AG?

The registered office is Düsseldorf. Map and address of METRO AG.

When was METRO AG founded

The METRO AG was founded in July 1996 through the merger of METRO Cash & Carry, Kaufhof Holding AG and Asko Deutsche Kaufhaus AG. Information about the history of the Group.

Information about the history of the Group.

What are the main areas of activity of METRO GROUP?

METRO GROUP has a definite structured portfolio of group companies.

The sales divisions METRO Cash & Carry, Media-Saturn, Real operate in the three business units Cash & Carry, Food Retailing and Nonfood Specialty Stores.

How many employees does METRO GROUP employ?

METRO GROUP has in average about 200,830 FTE in 29 countries.

When does METRO AG's financial year end?

METRO AG's financial year ends on 30 September.

Which accounting principles does METRO GROUP use?

Since financial year 2000, METRO GROUP prepares its accounts according to the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS). In this way Metro has further improved transparency for investors and for the capital markets.

What were the Group's assets total and equity in the previous financial year?

Total Assets were €27,656 million by financial year-end 2014/15. Equity including minority interests amounted to €5,172 million.

What were Group sales in the previous financial year?

In the financial year 2014/15 total sales amounted to €59.2 billion. For further information, see Annual Report 2014/15.

What was the international share of sales in the previous financial year?

The international share of sales amounted approx. 62% in financial year 2014/15.

What were the Group sales in the previous financial year?

Divisional sales (€ million):

METRO Cash & Carry 29,690
Media-Saturn 21,737
Real 7,735

What was the EPS in the previous financial year?

METRO GROUP achieved an EPS of €2.06 in financial year 2014/15. EPS before special items was €1.91.

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