METRO SYSTEMS - new impetus for digital change

Digitalisation and globalisation are changing markets and customer needs across the globe. Speed is essential in a fast-growing market, as is the ability to develop bespoke customer solutions, with flexibility just as important as complex thinking. Here at METRO SYSTEMS, we lay, for instance, the technological groundwork for the optimum management of the global flow of goods – leading to maximum satisfaction amongst all customers and retail partners of the multinational METRO GROUP.

Innovative Solutions

METRO SYSTEMS provides innovative solutions

METRO SYSTEMS understands the customer's viewpoint and reacts to their modern shopping behaviour by providing tailor-made, multi-channel wholesale solutions, giving rise to new shopping opportunities and experiences. We see digital transformation as a great opportunity to respond even more precisely to the resulting needs and are committed to handling big data responsibly.

Our portfolio of services not only encompasses consultancy and development, but also the operation of data centres and networks, including merchandise management, data warehouse and customer information systems, not to mention e-commerce, logistics and intranet solutions. Our multi-channel concept is extremely popular amongst business partners and customers alike and is reflected in divisions such as Food Service Delivery.

Think global, act local

With its IT solutions, METRO SYSTEMS harmonises the market and country-specific requirements of a global retail and wholesale company. As a strong and flexible service provider, we put the individual needs of our customers at the heart of what we do. Our teams, for example, provide analyses and concepts and indicate new approaches and innovative solutions whenever digital interfaces need to be linked in an optimum manner – across countries, companies and departments, as well as between people.

Think global, act local

Intelligent structures

METRO SYSTEMS relies on intelligent structures

You cannot survive in a dynamic market without intelligent IT structures that are systematically geared towards customer needs. Our hardware and software solutions span the entire value chain in an optimum manner and give the METRO GROUP decisive competitive advantages. Working from our sites in Germany and Romania, we plan and control an IT environment that boasts streamlined communication and decision-making mechanisms.

Individual development - your future with us

Dedicated and qualified employees, who are fully conversant with the wants and needs of our customers, are our greatest asset. Every member of staff is a specialist in their field and demonstrates great initiative in helping to shape digital transformation. Individual support for team members takes centre stage. We see personality, authenticity and the fostering of initiative as key prerequisites in terms of tackling the challenges of increasing retail specialisation with creativity and a willingness to innovate. If our values and challenges appeal to you, then you could be just the person we’re looking for.

Your future at METRO SYSTEMS

Start your future at METRO SYSTEMS

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