METRO LOGISTICS is the logistics services and competence centre of METRO GROUP. Via its distribution and procurement logistics networks, METRO LOGISTICS controls the merchandise flows of the METRO GROUP sales lines METRO Cash & Carry, Real, Media Markt and Saturn. The range of products handled by METRO LOSTICS warehouses and platforms in Germany comprises some 25,000 different items in the categories fresh, frozen and dry foods and several hundred articles in the categories fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and non-food.

The logistics company of METRO GROUP employs around 3,200 employees. The Düsseldorf-based company is responsible for warehousing and distribution activities in Germany and provides the procurement logistics systems in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux. 

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Procurement logistics

Since 1995, the proprietary procurement logistics concept has been an important pillar for the success of the company. METRO LOGISTICS takes charge of picking up from suppliers the goods designated for METRO GROUP sales lines and bringing them directly to the respective stores. Delivery is usually made to the stores within 24 hours after pick-up, eliminating the need for interim storage. This strategy reduces the amount of stock that must be kept in the stores as well as the associated stock-keeping costs. In addition, the number of ramp contacts in the stores declines, yielding further savings for the sales lines.

Besides commercial success, METRO LOGISTICS' concept shows a positive ecological balance. This aim is achieved through dramatically fewer kilometres per freight ton, nearly fully utilised trucks, minimisation of empty runs and drastically reduced detention times. In order to cope with complex and extremely demanding logistics challenges, METRO LOGISTICS works with selected outstanding logistics service companies which provide a capable transnational transport network with their own hubs. The overall volume of the transports handled through METRO LOGISTICS in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as Belgium and Netherlands amounts to around 8.4 million shipments per year from approximately 4,600 suppliers.

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Central warehousing and distribution

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In Germany, METRO LOGISTICS performs the central warehousing function for METRO GROUP sales lines Real, METRO Cash & Carry and Schaper. Services within the central warehousing function include the procurement and planning of merchandise, checking quantities, qualities and invoices when goods are received, the storage of products for the sales lines, the picking of orders on store level, and the transport of the merchandise to the stores. In 2011 METRO LOGISTICS' own truck fleet drove some 19 million kilometres, which is the equivalent to 25 times the distance to the moon and back.

Among the advantages of central warehousing for the sales lines are more favourable purchase prices through the bundling of orders and shipments, stock reduction, the possibility of ordering even the smallest quantities and receiving them at short notice, and the savings achieved through the optimisation of the process chain. Close cooperation with the manufacturing industry, supported by the increased use of electronic data exchange, guarantees the high service level.

Fresh fish – From Frankfurt to the stores

In the heart of Germany, in Groß-Gerau near Frankfurt, METRO LOGISTICS runs a modern and efficient logistics centre for the handling, quality assurance and bundling of METRO Cash & Carry's fresh fish assortment. The centre supplies some 250 tons of fresh fish per week to METRO Cash & Carry stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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METRO LOGISTICS is the logistic service and competence centre of the METRO GROUP. 

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