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As a specialist for individual communication concepts in trade and retail, METRO GROUP ADVERTISING (MGA) – a METRO GROUP service company based in Düsseldorf and Warsaw – offers a competent all-round service for marketing measures for METRO brands. Increasingly, external customers from the wholesale, retail and mail order industries are also benefiting from the services offered. MGA utilises its expertise to develop individual advertising concepts together with its customers. Whether it’s a matter of strategy, media planning, distribution, paper, production, system integration or process optimisation – the MGA expert teams are able to fall back on extensive international experience to benefit their internal and external customers.

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MGA's media experts select independently the channels and advertising media that suit the campaigns of the clients. Specific methods and tools are applied to monitor the success and to increase the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. And as a full service provider MGA also carries out the cost management, accounting and invoice clearing.

Which advertising forms answer best for target customers? TV spots, print advertisements, online banners, supplements, radio or cinema advertising, outdoor or POS advertising space, apps or social media – MGA experts determine the channels best suited to the aims and target group of the advertising campaign in question, always taking into account both classic forms as well as new and innovative channels for advertising.


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In the trade and retail industry, print is still regarded as the foremost medium for advertising. The services offered by MGA cover the whole spectrum of modern advertising materials production. This includes printing regularly appearing supplements with a wide circulation, developing limited numbers of elaborate special products, extensive catalogues and annual reports, and last but not least creating advertising products for other channels, such as for the Internet and mobile devices. Through it all, MGA focuses on an efficient blend of print and online advertising, as well as taking into account new, alternative and innovative production techniques.

With print being the leading form, paper of course is indispensable for advertising and for information purposes. MGA ensures that all advertising measures are printed sustainably, at low-cost and in high quality.

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Innovative systems and technology constantly open doors for new opportunities, which MGA grasps on behalf of its customers. MGA’s system portfolio reflects intelligent solutions for optimising advertising workflows with the advertising production system on a cross-channel basis, as well as for archiving data with a media data management system and using this data in a cross-media manner; implementing automated, tailor-made Web2Print solutions and scheduling advertising measures perfectly via the marketing diary.


Respecting our earth begins with the considerate use of resources. Most of the paper used by MGA is made from recycled fibres (post consumer waste) or sourced from fresh fibres from sustainable forestry. This is monitored in cooperation with our suppliers on an ongoing basis. MGA constantly researches and consistently supports ecological manufacturing processes and new technology.

Great care is taken to ensure that suppliers and business partners offer fair and socially responsible working conditions. In Germany as well as in far-off countries.

Ecological logistics form another focus of the sustainability strategy. MGA chooses environmentally conscious suppliers, and draws up concepts which minimise CO2 emissions. Short supply chains also play a role in keeping the carbon footprint as small as possible.

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MGA METRO GROUP Advertising is an international specialist for communication in trade and retail. See the website for more detailed information and contact persons.

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