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Media Markt is the German and European market leader in consumer electronics retailing.

More than 800 stores with a sales area of up to 10,000 square metres in 14 countries, ranges with an average of 45,000 articles and a dovetailed online offering with more than 30,000 articles – these are the figures of a retail and wholesale company whose extraordinary growth story has gripped the industry for more than 30 years. Innovative, customer-oriented and competitive, Media Markt is continuously building on its position as Europe's number one electronics retailer. The Media Markt brand represents an attractive range of the latest products in the fields of consumer electronics, telecommunications, photography, entertainment, new media, software and household appliances at low prices. A comprehensive range of services as well as expert and individual advice form a standard as part of their service.

An important element of the company's management structure is the independence of the managing directors and employees at the stores. Lean hierarchies and a high level of self-responsibility are cultivated intentionally. This gives employees a maximum of scope for showing initiative and being creative. Media Markt customers benefit from this policy: the employees’ strong motivation and the ongoing training of staff results in a particularly high level of service and customer advice in the individual stores. The large autonomy of the stores in putting together their range, setting prices and advertising guarantee a service offer that is tailored to the specific needs of the local customer base.

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In figures

Media Markt 
Locations 2
Number of countries 2
Sales Media Markt and Saturn 1
€21.9 bn
EBIT before special items Media Markt und Saturn 1
€454 m
Headcount Media Markt and Saturn (full-time equivalents) 1
Products, overall assortment
about 100,000

1 Status 30/09/2016

2 Status 31/03/2017

The company

External View of the first Media Markt

The first Media Markt opened in an industrial park in Munich in 1979. At that time, the concept of a large selling space consumer electronics store was a novelty. Before, only small specialty stores and department stores had offered a limited range of consumer electronics products. From razors to television sets, the comprehensive offer at Media Markt now covered the entire range of electrical goods. The central idea of the founders Helga and Erich Kellerhals, Leopold Stiefel and Walter Gunz was the following: a broad selection of brand products at permanently low prices, professional customer advice and a competent repair service. Moreover, all customer were entitled to return their purchases if they found a better offer with a local competitor. This fundamental idea still applies today.

Founding of MediaMarktSaturn group of companies

In 1988 the successful specialty store concept caught the attention of Kaufhof Warenhaus AG, who acquired a 54 percent stake in the holding of the Media Markt stores, which in turn took over the Saturn chain two years later. Since this move, Media Markt and Saturn have been managed as two independent brands under the umbrella of the MediaMarktSaturn group of companies. As part of Kaufhof Holding AG, the MediaMarktSaturn group of companies joined METRO GROUP in 1996. The affiliation to one of the largest retailing companies in the world opened the road to an accelerated expansion. 1989 marked the start for the rollout of the concept to other European countries.

Media Markt stores are characterised by a strong magnetic effect. They attract customers from large areas and thus gain from a high purchasing power. Analyses have shown time and again that this also benefits other retailers: retail sales in the vicinity of Media Markt stores usually increase after their opening.

Ownership structure allows quick response to market demands

Compared with other retailers, Media Markt offers a particular ownership structure whereby all Media Markt store managing directors are at the same time also co-owners of their establishment. They take on the role of a managing partner and act as independent entrepreneurs with co-responsibility for assortment, pricing and marketing. This structure allows a quick response to market demands and opportunities – because it’s the store managers who know their local customers best. The headquarters in Ingolstadt supports the stores by further developing the specialist store concept and by dealing efficiently with administrative tasks. It is also responsible for the development of new locations, as well as for expanding multichannel services.

Fast expansion at home and abroad

Within METRO GROUP, Media Markt belongs to the MediaMarktSaturn sales division. Today, Media Markt stores with a selling space ranging from 2,500 to 8,000 sqm are found in 14 countries. The expansion advances quickly both in Germany and abroad. In Germany, Media Markt and Saturn offer their customers the densest sales network in the consumer electronics sector.

Customer being advised on DSLR Camera

The business concept

Multichannel Collection in the Store

Located close to the city but at a sufficient distance from downtown parking problems, Media Markt offers brand products at guaranteed low prices. Since the founding of the company the stores have been focusing on continued low prices instead of short-term special offers. This service is complemented by online shops which are closely linked to the bricks and mortar business. By these means, customers are given the choice of having their products delivered to their door or collecting them in a store near their home - no matter whether they purchased the goods in question locally, on the Internet or via a mobile device. As a close-knit multichannel retailer, Media Markt makes the dividing line between bricks and mortar stores and online trading less cut and dried, and benefits from the steady growth in online trading.

Large and diverse offer

The company's claim to cover the broad spectrum of individual customer needs resulted in an extraordinarily wide range of brand name products. Media Markt in Germany offers an extensive assortment of goods in the areas of consumer electronics, telecommunications, photography, entertainment, computers, software and household appliances – including all major new products in a market segment that is subject to rapid technological change. In flagship stores, customers find up to 100,000 different products; online at, there are currently more than 30,000 products on offer, as well as a wide range of digital content which can be downloaded – including music, films, games, e-books and software, and the music streaming service Juke with more than 20 million songs. Since 2010, the Media Saturn brands Ok, Koenic, Peaq and Isy have also been available, offering products which are excellent value for money. All devices and gadgets are on display for demonstration purposes in the stores. This enables customers to test them and inform themselves on how to use them. Stores are clearly arranged and set out to enable customers to get their bearings quickly.

Wide range of services

Media Markt is not only a synonym for a broad product offer but also for a comprehensive range of services. From repair to delivery and installation through to warranty extension or financing, Media Markt offers a portfolio of professional services.

Efficient advertising

The dynamic business development of Media Markt is linked to extensive advertising efforts. Surveys have shown that, with its attention-grabbing, emotional advertisements, Media Markt is by far making the best known advertiser in its market segment. The Media Markt slogans respond directly to the zeitgeist. In Germany, Media Markt's slogan "Ich bin doch nicht blöd." ("I am not stupid."), is actually known by 96 percent of the population and is also used internationally, adapted and modified to the language of the respective countries.

An advertising from Media Markt showing three silly persons.
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The online shop also stocks a selection of brands at lowest prices. Check the availability of a product in your local Media Markt store and have it sent there or to your home address.

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