Commitment against Water Scarcity

22 March 2017

METRO Water Initiative

Today at the United Nations World Water Day METRO Cash & Carry starts the "METRO Water Initiative". Its goal is to increase sensibility for an important and worldwide issue: global water scarcity.

The sales line METRO Cash & Carry cooperates with the "METRO Water Initiative" as well as with the six global suppliers Colgate, Henkel, Procter & Gamble, L'Oreal, Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever. "Near-Food-Products" like laundry and cleaning detergents, washing agents, toiletries and personal care products are related to 86% of water consumption of private households. A survey conducted by METRO GROUP last year among 70 near-food-suppliers showed, that the topic water decisively determines the sustainability strategy of these companies. The "METRO Water Initiative" is the first to bring together the engagement of all partners with their current commitments, thus improving the supply chains of all participating partners in favor of a sustainable handling of water. METRO Cash & Carry is active in 25 countries of which some suffer from acute water scarcity themselves. Therefore, it is the trading company's concern to use its international platform for increasing the awareness of water scarcity.

The World Water Day should primarily serve for generally and sustainably increasing the awareness of a responsible handling of water and further to point out its direct advantages: Because saving water is saving money. How little things of everyday life can achieve big effects, show our tips and tricks:

METRO Water Initiative - Top 10 Tips, PDF 1.3 MB

METRO Cash & Carry considers it its responsibility to promote economic goals in accordance with societal demands as well as the demands of their clients, employees, investors and partners beyond legal requirements. Because economic success goes hand in hand with sustainable trade. Thereby, it is important to respect the limits given by the environment and becoming sustainable in all the company's actions.

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