METRO Christmas campaign surprises restaurant owner

19 December 2016

With the slogan "Christmas Takeover," METRO is launching an international online Christmas spot and giving a restaurant owner in San Sebastian an extraordinary, work-free evening during this special season. The idea has a distinct climax: employees of METRO's local subsidiary MAKRO Spain, surprise owner Inigo Lavado ( and spontaneously take over his kitchen so that instead of working, the chef can relax and celebrate Christmas together with his friends and family for the first time in years. It is the latest part of the company's campaign that strengthens the relationship with its customers and presents itself as a strong partner that supports them.

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"With this campaign, we focus on the countless business owners whose tireless dedication and passion ensure that Christmas is an unforgettable, relaxed celebration for their communities every year. We are very pleased that we were able to surprise and give an evening of quality time to Lavado. In this spot, he represents all our customers who have trusted us for decades," explained Philippe Palazzi, Operating partner and Chief Marketing Officer of METRO Cash & Carry, about the idea behind the story.

The spot will play in several countries on YouTube and METRO's website starting on December 17th and will be accompanied by Facebook posts and Tweets. It's targeted not only towards business owners but also tugs at the heartstrings of all viewers with its emotional theme.

An additional factor played an exceptional role in the production: the protagonists of the spot were not casted actors who followed a pre-written storyline. Rather, the commercial was a controlled stunt. Under the guise that a documentary was being filmed about his well-visited and loved restaurant, Spanish owner Lavado was followed for three days by a camera crew. In the "film," he shares what a typical stressful workday looks like and provides interesting, authentic insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes at a restaurant during the busy Christmas season. Only his wife was in on the secret. Together with METRO, she organised the special Christmas surprise for her husband. Thinking that he was cooking for normal guests, he retreated to the kitchen, only to return to a dining room filled with his family and friends. His face showed shock, surprise, and pure joy. He then enjoyed a Christmas dinner with his loved ones, cooked and served by a group of dedicatedly assigned employees of METRO's Spanish subsidiary MAKRO. Lavado shared, "it was incredible. I was truly blown away and so happy to have a break with my family."

"With this unique campaign, we want to strengthen the position of METRO as a competent partner and expert who understands the needs and wishes of its customers and is able to fulfil them in a service-oriented way. The spot touches people because the story behind it is authentic. With this campaign we show what Christmas is all about: giving joy and spending time with those who are most important to us," said Gisele Musa, Global Director Branding & Activation at METRO Cash & Carry.

The online Christmas campaign was managed by Gisele Musa, Alicja Korkosz-Foltyn and Christa Wellershoff from METRO's Global Branding & Activation in cooperation with Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg.


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