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METRO GROUP is everything but simple-minded: Over 220,000 employees around the world stand for added value for customers, passion and state-of-the-art retailing. Our powerful sales brands provide private and commercial customers with a broad range of products and services. In this section, you can learn all you need to know about our company's structure, principles and history.

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An Overview of the Corporate Structure

Group Structure with the Sales Brands

The Group has a clear portfolio with METRO AG at the top as the strategic management holding company. The operative business is divided into the business segments of wholesale, food retail and non-food specialty stores. The sales brands of METRO GROUP are, of course, represented in the market. Throughout the Group, service companies perform an array of services for the sales brands in areas such as real estate, logistics, information technology and advertising.

Foundation of corporate culture

Under the umbrella of METRO GROUP, a shared corporate culture has emerged, creating an identity-shaping code of values that extends across the business segments. The culture's supporting pillars are:

  • Binding corporate principles that apply to all sales divisions, as well as joint business goals and concepts for achieving goals
  • The shared commitment of profitable growth and the pursuit of market leadership in each segment
  • The international focus of METRO GROUP and a strong commitment to innovation as supporting pillars of business success

Employer of over 220,000 people around the world

Anybody who is striving to be successful in trade and retail needs highly qualified and committed employees. Whether it is employees behind the till at a Real market, a university graduate in a management position or workers in the logistics centre: the satisfaction of customers is largely in the hands of METRO GROUP's more than 220,000 employees, nearly 60 percent of whom work outside Germany. The Group places major emphasis on training and professional development. The goal is to identify talented people, to promote them and to develop them. To achieve this goal, the company has created clearly structured, comprehensive programmes for personnel promotion and development.

Employee in Vegetable Department

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Strategy Cycle Scribbled


Five focal points guide us in this work. They provide the strategic framework for our business activities and lend a shared direction to our Group across all sales lines and companies. Transform, Grow, Improve, Expand, Innovate.

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Portraits of the Management Board of METRO GROUP

The METRO GROUP Management Board

The METRO AG board of directors consists of five members: Olaf Koch, Pieter C. Boone, Mark Frese, Pieter Haas and Heiko Hutmacher. We provide information on the member's fields of responsibility and on their mandates as well as vita details and press images.

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The METRO GROUP Supervisory Board

METRO AG's Supervisory Board is composed of 10 shareholder representatives and 10 employee representatives. You will find the Report of the Supervisory Board, information on its committees and details on each member.

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A compass

Corporate Governance

The term Corporate Governance defines the system of a company's management and supervision of a company. METRO AG annually declares its compliance with the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code and reports on METRO GROUP's corporate governance in each annual report.

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