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Being in business together means working as one team to ensure not just METRO GROUP's success as a company, but your personal success as an individual too. Find out more about how we support this ambition in every aspect of our business.


Committed to you and our customers

At METRO GROUP, we know our business thrives when our people are developing and our customers are satisfied. Our business is built on relationships, so we're committed to sharing ideas and enabling open communication to make sure everyone's voice is heard.


Our Guiding Principles

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We're proud to say that our success is due to the innovative ideas and dedicated work of all our people around the world. Connected by a can-do attitude and the desire to innovate and grow, their diversity and entrepreneurial spirit enable us to make an impact on the lives of millions of people.

These are the Guiding Principles that inspire us all at METRO GROUP:


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METRO GROUP has long acknowledged the benefits of a diverse workplace and, given that we're an internationally renowned business, it's no surprise that people from 180 countries work for us globally. At our headquarters in Düsseldorf alone, our workforce includes people from over 130 different nations. It's this diversity and internationality that gives us a competitive advantage in the retail and wholesale industry - not to mention the added benefits it provides for customers and employees.

Icon gleiche Möglichkeiten

Equal opportunities

We view diversity as a series of dimensions. Some are core to each individual, such as gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion or disability, while others are the result of external factors, such as marital status or work experience.

As an equal opportunity employer, our corporate culture is open to all people, regardless of their diversity dimensions. For example, the proportion of employees with disabilities is always above the statutory requirement of 5 per cent, more than 53 per cent of our workforce is female, and up to 20 per cent of it is over 50 years old. We gladly accept people as they are, and assess all employees and applicants according to their talent, skill and potential, regardless of these factors.

Icon Arbeitsbedingungen


We genuinely care about the happiness of our employees and their satisfaction in the workplace. That's why we conduct global engagement surveys – to ask how satisfied our people are at METRO GROUP and find out ways in which we can improve their experience.

We're proud that in our most recent survey, more than 87 per cent of employees participated in telling us about their experience. Engagement means that our people are proud of their company, are loyal and feel a connection to the company too. The results showed that our people feel inspired by METRO GROUP and demonstrate above-average levels of dedication. We believe this positive response can be attributed to both an intensive succession process and our group-wide initiatives that increasingly focus on encouraging innovative ideas and that recognise the valuable contribution of our staff.

As part of our comprehensive diversity management strategy, METRO GROUP has also developed an attractive working environment and invests in concepts that help to balance work and family life.

For example, Elder Care is an initiative that provides support in case an employee needs to care for a relative. We also offer 'METRO Sternchen' - METRO GROUP's own company day care centres at our headquarters in Düsseldorf. They offer bilingual full-time day care for children aged between four months old and school age, and are run by the Düsseldorf district branch of the German Red Cross.

In addition, our corporate headquarters offers a holiday care programme for employees' children during the school holidays. Since 2011, more than 300 children have participated in the activities organised and subsidised by METRO GROUP.

What we offer

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As technologies evolve and our workplace becomes increasingly globalised, so too do our lifestyles and the ways in which we work. METRO GROUP actively seeks out ways to work and communicate in new, flexible ways to improve the balance of our people's time at work and at home.

Balancing work and family life

For METRO GROUP, finding ways to make it easier for our people to reconcile work and family commitments is an important focal point of diversity management. Wherever we can, we offer our employees the opportunity to tailor their job or career as necessary to accommodate their other commitments. These might include childcare or family care arrangements. The following initiatives are just a few examples of how we've sought to do this.

Icon Gesundheit


METRO GROUP was among the vanguard in making staff health part of the Corporate Responsibility Guidelines. We launched our health campaign 'GO' in 2004, offering health initiatives and nutritional advice to help our people lead a healthy life. We also offer an extensive range of sporting activities along with a gym, massages and day-long health events on various topics such as healthy eating at our headquarters in Düsseldorf.

Find out more about health and occupational safety management at METRO GROUP here.

Icon Kinderbetreuung

Group-run childcare centres

METRO GROUP's head office in Düsseldorf currently offers its people access to 'METRO Sternchen', three daycare centres with 230 full-time spaces. Our METRO GROUP employees can be sure that their children are in good hands while they themselves are at work.

We're proud to say that these childcare centres enable METRO GROUP to guarantee single parents a nursery place, and are just a stone's throw from their workplace. Within the centres, trained nursery nurses look after the children and teach them in both German and English. We're also proud of this bilingual approach, because not only does it show our dedication to caring for every element of our people's development, it also demonstrates our care for the future of our employees' children.

Icon Familienfürsorge

Family carers

We understand that the nature of elderly care is changing and that our people need support in this area too. In fact, caring for elderly relatives is a major issue, and we support our employees by providing information and contacts to help them find the best care options for their loved ones.

Icon Teilzeit

Flexible working models

We are rolling out flexible models for both working hours and workplaces in all our sales lines. These include trust-based working time, part-time and home office arrangements, to name just a few. With this range of options, we’re giving our people the means to flexibly and actively manage their time in line with their personal life choices and family commitments.

Icon Schulferien

School holidays

Since 2010, METRO GROUP has been offering holiday camps for employees' children aged between six and twelve at the Düsseldorf head office. The company organises a wide range of activities for the kids in collaboration with an external partner. In the past three years, these included, for example, events with the 'Kölner Spielecircus' (a circus project for children in Cologne), a trip to a Düsseldorf fire station, and rehearsals for a musical, which the children performed together at the end of the holidays.

Icon Rente


With the retirement age going up to 67 in Germany and statutory pension levels set to fall, there is an even greater need for people to make their own voluntary pension arrangements.

That's why we help our people to build up additional private savings as part of our 'Zukunftspaket' (future package). The group-wide pension scheme offers voluntary benefits that exceed industry standards. In 2010, more than 58,000 employees in Germany took up this opportunity to save for their retirement. With the scheme, METRO GROUP is actively fulfilling its social responsibility and boosting staff retention within the group at the same time. This important HR policy will remain a priority for METRO GROUP in the future.

Social Responsibility

Three volunteers of the food bank standing in front of a transporter with donated food

METRO GROUP is committed to protecting the environment, conserving resources and safeguarding the climate in order to guarantee the future in the long-term. At the same time, we develop solutions for the social challenges of tomorrow.

Icon Vorstellungsgespräch

Supporting fair working conditions

METRO GROUP is a worldwide advocate of fair and humane working conditions. Together with the international trade union UNI Global Union, we've announced our commitment to providing working conditions that are safe and productive and that also support sustainable business growth through personal development. Along with many other freedoms, we recognise our employees' right to collective bargaining and the freedom of association, in keeping with the International Labour Organisation's labour standards.

Icon Produktverantwortung

Product responsibility

METRO GROUP gears its product ranges towards customers' wishes across its various retail formats. Our aim is to procure products that offer reliable quality and safety, and have sound social and environmental credentials. That's why, in the interests of product responsibility, we trace the origins of our products and carefully consider - right at the beginning of the value chain - where the raw materials for products and packaging come from. We look for the most sustainable ways of delivering the products our customers need, at the right time, of the right quality and in the right volume too.

Icon Voraussetzung Fähigkeiten

Social engagement

Every day, we cultivate relationships with millions of people around the world. Our social and environmental engagement in the places we are based is just one more way in which we can help add value to people's lives. Our commitment to environmental and social issues therefore aims to foster intercultural dialogue, lend support to our locations and their local communities, and provide assistance directly to those in need. And of course, we support our employees who offer their time to be involved in these projects too. In this way, METRO GROUP lives up to its social responsibility as a corporate citizen.



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