The smarts for great coordination

Coordination and balance aren’t just important for skating. Find out how Qendresa applies her talents to her vocational training at METRO Cash & Carry.

Sprinting on sharp blades over the ice while staying balanced and keeping an eye on the path – for Qendresa Laqji, this is no problem. Skating is her favourite hobby, and the 19-year-old regularly goes for a few spins on the weekend with her friends. Her energy and her talent for coordination also come in handy in her vocational training in wholesale and foreign trade at METRO Cash & Carry.
Currently, Qendresa is active in customer management. Together with her trainer, she’s often on site with customers, giving them advice, for example, on improving their outdoor dining areas, or developing custom offers for them. In this job, there’s no “typical” day – and that’s exactly what Qendresa likes.

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