A quiet communication talent

Nikolaos is a good catch, and he reels in a lot of customers with his professional expertise. Find out why fishing after work is the perfect complement to his job.

If you grow up on Fehmarn, you can’t avoid fishing. But even in Nikolaos’s new home of Cologne, an evening with rod and reel after a day of work at Saturn is just the right thing for him. As a second-year retail sales trainee, the expert in PC hardware spends his whole day advising customers. He’s rewarded for his hard work not only with satisfied faces, but
sometimes also with a friendly story. For Nikolaos, this is the appeal to his job: the variety in contact to customers and co-workers as well as the many new experiences that he gathers every day. After work, though, he’s always lured back to the fishing pond – after all, if you’re charged up the whole day, you sometimes need to unwind, too.

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