A dancing team coordinator

Dancing alone isn’t any fun, says carnival dancer Lena. Find out why this also applies to her vocational training at Media-Saturn.

When the “fifth season” begins in the German carnival strongholds, Lena and her youth dance troupe take centre stage. The 18-year-old is meanwhile too old to dance in the troupe herself, but she continues to pass on her experience from almost ten years of carnival dancing as a trainer. Here, the budding office communications administrator learned that it doesn’t matter if you’re with the whole troupe or in a small team – nothing works alone. 
At the end of the day, a perfect choreography can only be achieved if everyone works together, makes compromises and is honest to each other. At Media-Saturn, Lena can find all the prerequisites for this. After eight stations in her vocational training, all the doors are open for her, but the human resources department is particularly interesting – a trainer role of a somewhat different nature, but just as challenging.

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