A travelling IT composer

As a guitarist, Fabian knows that you need to have the right tone – both in his band and in his team at METRO SYSTEMS. Find out why Fabian knows that good cooperation has a lot to do with rhythm and timing.

For Fabian, music is much more than just a hobby: for the 21-year-old, nothing is better than the big song at the end of an intense band practice. His fine sense for teamwork and his weakness for practical learning help him at his vocational training as an information technology clerk at METRO SYSTEMS. Fabian advises various departments, acts
as the point of contact between specialists and developers and  trains its users in Europe, Asia and South America via video conference. But he also jams with colleagues from across the world in Düsseldorf. The international work environment motivates him each and every day, since a good composition thrives on creative diversity.

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