Oscar-worthy customer advisor

When it comes to films, Charlien Fernandez-Hombre’s feelings can’t be strong enough. Find out what she takes from her cinema seat to her real life as a trainee at METRO Cash & Carry.

Charlien Fernandez-Hombre loves to go to the cinema with her friends. Would she rather laugh or cry? Both would be great, but a happy ending is a must. Here, Charlien often has to wipe away tears, since she finds it easy to relate to others. In the cinema, her heart beats for Brad Pitt and company, but in the METRO Cash & Carry store, her customers are the stars. She can immediately tell if they are

in a good mood or stressed out, whether they need help or might be open to a new product. Then, she provides them friendly advice with plenty of know-how from her vocational training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk, which has allowed her to get to know a number of departments, from delivery to checkout. She can’t be imitated in her role as a customer advisor… Cinema at its finest!

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