Our trainees are every bit as diverse as the opportunities METRO GROUP offers. Find out why working at METRO Cash & Carry, MediaMarktSaturn, Media Markt, Saturn and Real is a great fit for their lives.

Stories of apprentices

Charlien Fernandez Hombre

Oscar-worthy customer advisor

When it comes to films, Charlien Fernandez-Hombre’s feelings can’t be strong enough. Click here to find out what she takes from her cinema seat to her real life as a trainee at METRO Cash & Carry.

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Lena Steppich

A dancing team coordinator

Dancing alone isn’t any fun, says carnival dancer Lena. Click here to find out why this also applies to her vocational training at MediaMarktSaturn.

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Ina Büssel

A fit salesperson

Ina Büßel is happy to go the extra mile for her customers. Click here to find out why her bulldog Hoss is the best fitness coach for her vocational training at Real.

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Fabian Stähler

A travelling IT composer

As a guitarist, Fabian knows that you need to have the right tone – both in his band and in his team at METRO SYSTEMS. Click here to find out why Fabian knows that good cooperation has a lot to do with rhythm and timing.

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Christina Rohner

The customer whisperer

For Christina, her Sunday outing with her horse is the best time-out – even though this means carrying a lot of responsibility. Click here to find out why that also benefits her at METRO GASTRO.

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Habib Bhatti

Skateboarding specialist

Habib doesn’t take his car to work, but rather his longboard. Click here to find out why this particular kind of coolness also helps him get ahead in his vocational training at Media Markt.

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Tim Boschmann

A keen sense for the right cuts

Tim is a virtuoso at the piano – his speciality is his keen sense of timing and his feel for the keystroke. Click here to find out how this benefits his apprenticeship as a butcher at Real.

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Sophia Wehmann

A flexible organisational wizard

Off into the wide world – that’s Sophia’s motto. Click here to find out why that fits perfectly with her vocational training at METRO LOGISTICS.

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Qendresa Lajqi

The smarts for great coordination

Coordination and balance aren’t just important for skating. Click here to find out how Qendresa applies her talents to her vocational training at METRO Cash & Carry.

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Nikolas Vourliakis

A quiet communication talent

Nikolaos is a good catch, and he reels in a lot of customers with his professional expertise. To find out why fishing after work is the perfect complement to his job, click here.

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Dustin Hillemacher

A clutch player with team spirit

Dustin is a regular player – not only for his football club, but also at Real. Click here to find out why fair play and team spirit also come first in his vocational training.

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The Making-Of

Fun on a video shoot

Just like at work, things don’t always go smoothly on a video shoot – but that’s sometimes the best part. See how fun it can be in the video.

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