Bachelor of Science with a specialisation in business informatics

Business administration or computer science? Why not both? With the dual course of study in business informatics, you’ll build a wide base of general knowledge in the development and application of information systems for operational tasks in business and administration. The course of study will focus on training students to become architects of business information systems.

During the three-year training course, you’ll be introduced to numerous areas of responsibility and will be systematically familiarised – partly through project work – with the content of the job. At the same time, you’ll attend lectures at the university of cooperative education (Duale Hochschule)  on subjects such as business administration, economics, law, mathematics and statistics, computer systems, system development and information systems as well as courses on social and methodological skills. Furthermore, application-oriented theory will make up an integral part of the course of study, where the subject material will be made readily available to you in the form of practical case studies and simulations.

This course of study can be completed at the following universities:

  • Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences - seven semesters (MediaMarktSaturn)
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim – six semesters (METRO PROPERTIES)
  • FOM Düsseldorf - seven semesters (METRO SYSTEMS)

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    Detailed information on the course of study, requirements and expectations as well as contact details can be found on the websites of these companies of METRO GROUP:


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