Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in real estate management

You’re looking for a diversified work sector? In the course of study in real estate management, you’ll not only learn basic principles, but you’ll also be exposed to content in the areas of finance management, facility management, real estate controlling and real estate banking.

During the six theoretical and practical semesters, you’ll be thoroughly prepared for specialist and management tasks in the various occupations of the real estate sector. In addition to this specialist expertise, you’ll acquire key competencies, such as methodological and social skills and management techniques, preparing you specifically for leadership roles. You’ll also have the chance to specialise in areas such as project development, financing, real estate law or rentals and marketing.

This course of study can be completed at the following university:

•    Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim – six semesters

Service Companies

Detailed information on the course of study, requirements and expectations as well as contact details can be found on this METRO GROUP service company’s website:


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