Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in food management

How does food make it onto the plate? During the theoretical phases at the university of cooperative education, you’ll learn all about the so-called farm-to-fork process. You’ll encounter interesting facts about agricultural and industrial food production, distribution, quality assurance and processing. You’ll also learn about the nutritional and cultural aspects that influence our diet. Additional lectures and excursions will deepen your product knowledge and will provide concrete examples of the theoretical knowledge acquired. And even the business administrator in you won’t miss out: roughly 70 per cent of the lectures cover topics such as finance and accounting, marketing, human resources and legal matters.

This course of study can be completed at the following university:

  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Heilbronn Campus – six semesters

Sales Brands

Detailed information on the course of study, requirements and expectations as well as contact details can be found on this METRO GROUP sales brand’s website:

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