Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in business administration/retail

During the theoretical phases, you’ll not only receive a thorough education in basic subjects, including general business studies, economics and business law, but you’ll also gain specialised knowledge of commercial contexts, such as trade and retail marketing and retail management.

This course of study can be completed at the following universities:

  • Berlin School of Economics and Law – six semesters (METRO Cash & Carry)
  • On-site universities of cooperative education – six semesters (Media Markt)
  • University of cooperative education Berlin, Dresden, Mannheim or Heidenheim – six semesters (Saturn)
  • University of cooperative education Berlin or Mannheim – six semesters (Galeria Kaufhof)

Sales Brands

Detailed information on the course of study, requirements and expectations as well as contact details can be found on the websites of these sales brands of METRO GROUP:

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