Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in accounting and controlling

The finance and accounting divisions of the sales lines and cross-divisional service companies of METRO GROUP have a wide variety of tasks to fulfil. The accounting division is responsible for external accounting and financial reporting, particularly towards equity investors and external creditors. The controlling division is in charge of leading and managing the company on the basis of internal cost and performance calculations and strategic controlling instruments. The tax division is responsible for the proper filing of tax returns and optimal tax planning. The finance division oversees investment and financing decisions. These functional areas are streamlined through a reporting, control and risk management system.

The course of study in accounting and controlling will qualify you for high-level specialist and management positions in the areas of finance and accounting. You’ll build a foundation of basic knowledge in the fields of accounting, controlling, financing and corporate management, which will optimally prepare you for numerous applications at our sales lines. Possible placements include the accounting, controlling or the tax divisions.

This course of study can be completed at the following university:

  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim – six semesters

Service Companies

Detailed information on the course of study, requirements and expectations as well as contact details can be found on this METRO GROUP company’s website:


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