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Have you found an interesting traineeship that you want to apply for? Here, we’ll show you how to do this.

It doesn’t matter if you send your application by e-mail, using an online form or by post – a good application should follow a few basic rules of thumb. After all, your documents are the first impression that you make upon us. So come and show us who you are and why you want to work for us!

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Your application package should include

A personal cover letter that clearly describes your interest in the training position

The cover letter is the most important component of the application since it gives us our first impression of you. It should contain short and concise sentences, be no longer than a standard (DIN A4) sheet of paper and spark our interest in you. Here, the most important things for us are:

  • Which elements of the retail sector and of our company interest you;
  • Why you want to pursue vocational training or a dual course of study at METRO GROUP or at one of our companies;
  • Why you are especially suited to the position;
  • Which hobbies or interests you have that might tell us something about your personality.

In order to show us your interest and your abilities, you should elaborate on these questions and the requirements of the offered position as precisely as possible.

A clear tabular resume

It is important to clearly structure and organise your resume. The elements of your personal and professional development to date should be easily recognisable at first glance. Most importantly, however, your resume shouldn’t contain any gaps.

The following details belong in a resume:

  • Personal data (name, address)
  • School education
  • If applicable, vocational training/job history
  • Language and computer skills
  • Date and signature

If you choose to send us a photo of yourself, ensure that it is of good quality. It’s worth making the trip to a professional photographer! At the same time, photo booth pictures or shots from your last vacation don’t belong in your application package.

Copies of all relevant certificates (school, internships, other qualifications)

Certificates that tell us something about your abilities and interests are also part of a complete application package. These include your most recent school certificates, certificates of internships that you’ve completed or supplementary documents (for instance, language courses that you’ve attended).

How your application gets to us

Please enquire at the respective company as to whether your documents should be submitted by e-mail, online or by post. For online applications, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Your documents should be complete and legible: the scans of the resume, cover letter and certificates should be properly aligned, clean and of high quality.
  • Use standard file formats for your attachments – ideally .pdf or .jpg files.
  • Please try to combine all documents into a single file as an attachment and use appropriate and understandable file names.
  • The size of the complete application, including all attachments, should not exceed 4 MB. Pictures should be adequately large.

In our online form, you should fill out all text fields in order to show us who you are and what you’re capable of. Please always use a respectable e-mail address for your application.

The job interview

Have you received an invitation to a job interview? Congratulations – you’ve already made it past the first hurdle!

In the interview, everything depends on how you present yourself. Here are a few tips on how to master your job interview:

  • You should always confirm (or, if necessary, decline) an invitation to an interview. If you’re unable to attend for important reasons, you can also schedule a new appointment.
  • Inform yourself about the group and/or the company to which you’re applying. Important topics are, for instance, the legal form and size of the company, the number of employees and the product and service range.
  • Pay attention to your appearance on the day of your interview. In order feel confident and to be convincing, it’s important to make a well-groomed and clean impression.
  • Be yourself in the job interview. We want to get to know you as you really are.
  • Posture and language are also important during the interview. Make sure that you choose your words appropriately and that you pay attention to your sitting posture.
  • Come up with a few of your own questions to pose in the interview. In this way, you can show that you’re interested in the position. For example, you could ask what the exact tasks are or what the training plan is.

The job interview is an important step in the application process and needs to be successfully mastered. If you’re well-prepared and open-minded going into your interview, you already have the best prerequisite.

We wish you the best of luck!

Job interview

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