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Full-service IT for METRO GROUP - worldwidecbi:///cms/12326

Retailing in an international and dynamically growing company means that huge merchandise flows are moving around the globe on a daily basis. The prerequisite for this is a continuous, fast and reliable exchange of data. As the internal IT service provider of METRO GROUP, METRO SYSTEMS GmbH advises the companies belonging to the retail group in all aspects relating to IT, develops solutions along the complete value chain and provides a powerful IT infrastructure – at the national and international level. cbi:///cms/12327

IT in international retailingcbi:///cms/37107

As a globally operating retail company, efficient information technology is of utmost significance for METRO GROUP. It ensures that the worldwide retail processes can be managed efficiently, on the one hand, while it offers decisive competitive advantages by making sure that the right information is available at the right time and place, on the other. At the international but also at the local level it allows for perfect workflows and a fast and flexible response to market requirements. cbi:///cms/12332


Innovative solutions for the retail businesscbi:///cms/37110

Performance, innovation and service around information technology: this is offered by METRO SYSTEMS – around the world and tailored to the individual local needs. Consultancy and system development form part of the services offered by the IT expert in the same way as the operation of computer centres, network services, IT purchasing and, last but not least, the group-wide coordination of the IT strategy and security. METRO SYSTEMS develops and operates merchandise management systems, logistics systems, management information and archiving systems, data warehouse systems, customer information and checkout systems, E-commerce solutions and intranet systems as well as administrative systems. Innovative technologies play an important role in this context; under METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative, METRO SYSTEMS is actively involved in leading the world of retailing into the future. cbi:///cms/12333

The principles guiding our actionscbi:///cms/37111

The services provided by METRO SYSTEMS rest on a solid foundation: consistently implemented business principles guide our actions. Efficient and cost-effective retail processes, fast response and short delivery times are always at the focus of our attention. All activities of METRO SYSTEMS are geared towards providing our customers within the Group and also the end consumers with exactly the applications and services they need – and which offer a real value added for them. cbi:///cms/37112

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