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Sustainable food supplies from the field to the shelfcbi:///cms/221518

The successful cooperation between METRO GROUP and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which began in December 2009, was now extended. With their cooperation projects in emerging and developing countries they succeeded in materially reducing the wastage between the field and the store shelves. cbi:///cms/221520

At the heart of the projects are training programmes that have been specifically developed by the partners. They enable the suppliers to meet the requirements of the internationally recognised Global Markets Protocol of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Local processors of fresh foods like fish, meat and dairy products are trained in aspects of hygiene and food safety during storage, transport and processing. This contributes to reducing post-harvest losses, increasing the volume of marketable products and improving the income situation of the producers. cbi:///cms/221522
2 September 2011 - The entire event around the extension of the cooperation between METRO GROUP and the Organization of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as video on-demand. cbi:///cms/222413

Pilot project Egyptcbi:///cms/221523

The pilot project of the strategic partnership was launched in Egypt. In the run-up to the opening of new stores at the new location, the dedicated trainings support suppliers of the most diverse product categories in the application of internationally applicable quality standards. cbi:///cms/221525

Project Russiacbi:///cms/221527

With the experience from the pilot project the concept was now taken to Russia. There, trainers have already been prepared to convey the relevant training contents to the more than 100 suppliers in the product categories fish, meat and dairy products. cbi:///cms/221529

Project Indiacbi:///cms/221531

In the framework of another project in India, the trainers are starting the first trainings of local suppliers in September after an intensive preparation phase. Besides general quality criteria that have to be observed when processing food also environmental and social aspects form part of the local training programmes. cbi:///cms/221533
For the projects to be successful it is important to adequately consider the local circumstances and prepare the training contents accordingly. Similar cooperation projects are also planned in other countries like China, Indonesia or Kazakhstan. cbi:///cms/221534

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