For care-takers. And the far-sighted.

METRO GROUP is committed to protecting the environment, conserving resources and safeguarding the climate. At the same time, we develop solutions for the social challenges of tomorrow. In this section, you can learn how we are bringing our vision of a sustainable future to life.

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Stakeholder Survey

We invite you to take part in our survey on corporate responsibility. Through your participation you help us enhance our approach and commitment to corporate responsibility, as well as define the main topics to be included into our Corporate Responsibility Report.

For each participant in this survey, METRO GROUP will donate €3 to provide school meals for children in developing countries (The maximum amount for this campaign is €10,000).

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Our attitude

METRO GROUP sees itself as part of society and contributes towards social value added. In the light of the global challenges we have already described, our company has a responsibility to go beyond legal requirements in reconciling economic goals with society’s requirements and the demands of our customers, staff, investors and partners. At the same time, we have to remain within the boundaries imposed by the environment. Doing all of this enables us to act today with tomorrow in mind.

In line with METRO GROUP's sustainability vision – "We offer quality of life" – this means we need to ensure our business activities generate additional value and simultaneously reduce any negative impact they may have.

Our attitude in detail

Our main spheres of action

Store Manager talking to staff


METRO GROUP employs around 230,000 people. Commitment to our employees, therefore, is a major focus of our corporate responsibility.

Sustainable work conditions

Cleaning of vegetables

Procurement, production, processing

Responsible trading involves a commitment to sustainable procurement and fair working conditions all along the supply chain.

METRO GROUP's sustainable supply chain

Employee in Front of Plant Control Station

Transport, warehousing, stores

From storing products and keeping them cool to transport and the running of our markets, METRO GROUP consistently follows two goals: to reduce climate-relevant emissions, and to reduce the consumption of resources.

Reducing emissions in METRO GROUP

Chinese Employee advising Customer


Our sales lines put together their specific ranges of products and services in such a way that they are able to meet even the most diverse needs of private and commercial customers optimally.

Safety and quality for our customers

Packaging of Horeca Select fish fillet

Waste disposal

METRO GROUP implements measures to avoid and reduce packaging, utilise return systems, and use both renewable resources and recycled material.

Proper disposing of packaging

Volunteer prepares food for distributing it to people in need

Social engagement

METRO GROUP regards itself as a 'good corporate citizen'. For many years, it has supported food banks in Germany and Europe and international emergency aid projects, as well as sponsoring sports and cultural events.

METRO GROUP's engagement