For the independent. And the versatile.

At METRO Cash & Carry, we take our inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit and the limitless energy of independent businesspeople. From the very beginning, the stores of METRO and MAKRO Cash & Carry have focused on creating a tight bond between their local staff and the most important aspect of their business operations: our 21 million customers in 27 countries around the world.

The World of METRO Cash & Carry


More than 750 stores in 27 countries

More than 750 stores in 27 countries

Serving more than 21 million customers locally.

Inside METRO Cash & Carry

Alexander Zumdieck, Managing Director METRO for the Techstars METRO Accelerator

Techstars METRO Accelerator to showcase its programme at re:publica conference in Berlin

5 May 2015

The Techstars METRO Accelerator will showcase its international start-up programme to the public at this year’s Internet conference re:publica in Berlin.

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Left to right: Hans-Jürgen Matern (METRO), Jens Kungl (METRO), Eulogist Prof. Dr Jörg Becker, Jörg Pretzel (GS1 Germany)

EHI Retail Institute rewards METRO GROUP for traceability solution

25 February 2015

Restaurant owners, caterers and traders often have to face questions about the origin of meat and fish. METRO GROUP helps to find the answers.

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Press Releases

METRO GROUP acquires leading Asian food service distribution player Classic Fine Foods

6 August 2015

The Düsseldorf-based retailing company METRO GROUP has acquired the Classic Fine Foods Group (CFF) from private equity firm EQT. CFF is a leading premium food service distribution (FSD) player headquartered in Singapore, serving high-end hotels and restaurants in Asian mega cities and Middle East.

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METRO Cash & Carry gives country divisions more entrepreneurial freedom

7 May 2015

METRO Cash & Carry will grant its 26 national subsidiaries more entrepreneurial freedom in the future and has adapted its organisational structure for this purpose.

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