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METRO GROUP wants people who eat and breathe retailing and are determined to shape their life themselves. Learn about the broad range of jobs and your career opportunities in our company. Or apply right now for your dream job – as a university graduate or an experienced professional.

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School leavers

The retail industry is diverse and exciting. METRO GROUP offers more than 25 different vocational training courses in distribution, marketing, finance, logistics, IT, and of course sales. However, you can also opt for one of the new combined degree courses, such as business informatics.

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Students and Graduates

By offering cooperations with career networks and student organisations, supervising academic dissertations and offering trainee programmes and internships, METRO GROUP can be an exciting and interesting partner for you during your degree course.

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For those who already have professional experience and wish to advance their career, METRO GROUP is the perfect choice. We offer a wide variety of exciting and attractive fields of work in an international environment, with ongoing opportunities for personal development.

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The world of retail

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Retail is a part of everyday life and, at the same time, a fascinating working environment with dynamic processes and diverse activities and responsibilities. It connects people worldwide, moves goods around the globe and comes up with a constant stream of new formats designed to meet the changing needs and wants of consumers. Customer orientation is one of the most important drivers of innovation. Occupying a key position between buyers, producers and employees, retail shapes the everyday lives of millions of people.

As an international retail and wholesale company, METRO GROUP offers a wide range of career opportunities to ambitious school-leavers and graduates as well as to seasoned professionals and managers. It consists as employer on equal opportunities and diversity. It also firmly believes that ability and performance are the key factors in the fascinating world of retail. And that people with different heritages and backgrounds have the ability to inspire one another.